Our sensual berry massage oil has an ultra-hydrating formula, with coconut oil and jojoba, which provides moisture to the entire body. This instant nourishment is therapeutic grade natural massage oil for deep lines and cracked skin. It helps to smooth and soothe skin, promoting even toned skin while eliminating age spots. Our natural skin care is formulated for very dry skin, it helps the body to retain moisture. This massage oil is a multi-purpose sexual massage oil that calms and it nourishes.

This natural oil blend is developed for deep tissue and muscle massage. It is used by massage therapists to relieve soreness and ease pain. Our aromatherapy massage oil is created using lavender and sweet almond oil to be soothing and relaxing for the mind and the muscles. It calms you down enabling you to reach a deeper level of muscle relaxation for your tired achy body. Even pains caused by exercise can be helped with a massage, and our moisturizing oils are specially blended to be deep penetrating for ultimate relief from aches.

Our edible formula is created using no artificial flavoring nor any artificial colors furthering the detoxifying effects on the body and mind. Our unscented almond lubricant herbal complex is non-sticky, non-greasy and non-staining. Your body absorbs our botanical ingredients making it easy to clean up. There are no added preservatives in our naturally flavored massage oil. Our fragrance free blend is created to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

  • Sensual Massage Oil with Pure Lavender Oil
  • Relaxing Massage Oil for Muscles
  • Pain Relief & Deep Tissue Massage Oil
  • Soothing Touch that Hydrates the Skin
  • All Natural Anti-Wrinkle Formula
  • Anti-Aging Moisture Therapy with Tocopherol Vitamin E
  • No Preservatives, No Added Fragrance, No Artificial Flavoring
  • Smooth Feel - No Stain, No Greasy, Non stick Formula
    • Feature:

      • ☛ ANTI-AGING OIL BLEND AND MASSAGE OIL - Our full body massage oil for pain relief massage oil for muscles is a hypoallergenic all-natural muscle soreness relief oil. It promotes a deep tissue massage.
      • ☛ ANTI CELLULITE OIL MASSAGE for body is a nourishing body oil for dry skin. Our anti cellulite massage oil for men and women is rich in essential oils for massage therapy & minimizes the look of scars.
      • ☛ ANTI WRINKLE TREATMENT enriched with coconut oil massage oil blend with e is the best nourishing body oil. Our formula with Tocopherol Vitamin E eliminates look of fine lines while hydrating the skin.
      • ☛ HYPOALLERGENIC RELAXING MASSAGE OIL - aromatherapy essential oils calm the body. Our relaxing massage oil intense aromatherapy oil for erotic massage sets the mood and is perfect for sensitive skin.
      • ☛ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE If you're unsatisfied with your purchase of our sore muscle massage oil, you're eligible for a full refund. This back massage oil muscle relief is an erotic, edible full body oil.

    • Binding: Misc.
    • Brand: Maple Holistics
    • Product Group: Beauty
    • Product Type Name: BEAUTY
    • Manufacturer: Maple Holistics
    • Part Number: MHSensualBerryMassageOil