Lingering aches and pains can make life difficult. Pain can affect your sleep and make normal everyday tasks much harder. But with Blisscare's aromatic bamboo vinegar foot pads, you can help your feet recover and feel better. Our pads can help provide relief from foot pain, poor circulation, swelling, tired muscles, odor, rough skin and more.

The quality of our sleep can affect everything from our performance at work to our overall health. For those of us who have issues sleeping, Blisscare foot pads may be exactly what you need. Place on your feet at night and you'll be coaxed to sleep with a soothing aroma of lavender and rose. By incorporating these patches into your nightly routine, you'll wake feeling refreshed and energized every morning.

Far too many patches on the market require assembly or feature messy and sticky adhesives. Blisscare 2-in-1 foot pads were specially designed to be easy to use and to stay on all night, unlike other patches that come off while you sleep. To use, peel off the adhesive back and apply a pad to the center of each foot by pressing firmly. Once the pads are secure, leave them in place for 6-8 hours or until the pads have become discolored, hard or dampened. Then, wash and dry your feet after each use.

You can be sure that only the finest natural ingredients and never any additives are used to create our foot pads. Our special formula, which includes distilled bamboo vinegar, is designed to provide a relaxing experience. Our pads are also FDA, CE, ISO and MSDS certified.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience. So if you're not satisfied, we encourage you to contact us so we can work to resolve the issue.

  • Feature:

    • ☛ ✔ FOOT CARE PRODUCTS: Find relief from pain, poor circulation, swelling, tired muscles & more
    • ☛ ✔ SLEEP AID: Soothing lavender & rose aromas help you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed & energized
    • ☛ ✔ EASY TO USE: Our patches have a strong adhesive backing that easily washes away with water after use
    • ☛ ✔ ALL NATURAL: With natural ingredients and no additives, our pads are FDA, CE, ISO & MSDS certified
    • ☛ ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you're not satisfied, contact us & we'll work to resolve your issue

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